Oven Roast take 2!

Risotto.  Need I say more?

1 cup aborio rice

1 shallot

olive oil


white wine

chicken stock

heavy cream


fresh basil

san marzano roma tomatoes

leftover roast, cubed


I was always intimidated by risotto but it is so versatile and easy to make, it’s now one of my go to’s.  This one took about twenty minutes start to finish and made a delicious full meal for two.

Start by mincing 1 shallot and sauteing over medium heat in a saute pan (I used my 4 qt stainless All-Clad) in a full turn of extra virgin olive oil and a tbsp of butter.  Let it saute for a minute or so until translucent and then add the aborio rice to toast and soak up all that flavor and fat. While this is toasting and in a separate sauce pan, bring at least 5 cups of chicken stock up to a simmer.  You can use a veggie or beef stock, but I always have chicken stock on hand.

Technique! It’s all about technique!  Risotto takes a little handholding because you add the liquid in increments.  Once the rice is nice and toasty and fully coated, start by turning the burner up to medium-hi and adding the white wine – about one and 1/2 turns around the pan.  Help the liquid pull up any brown bits on the bottom by swirling the rice around with a wooden spoon.  Once that liquid has simmered down (simma down now!) and been absorbed, you will start to add one ladle of chicken stock at a time.  Let it absorb, stirring the rice as you go.  Keep adding ladles of stock, one at a time, taking time to let each ladle absorb before adding more.  Continue this procedure until the rice is creamy and soft.

Finishing touches:

Turn the heat down towards the end and add a swirl of heavy cream to really bring out the richness and a dash of pepper to season.  I added about 1/2 cup of fresh chopped basil leaves, about 4 diced san marzano roma tomatoes and the cubed roast.  Transfer to serving dish and top with grated parmesan and basil leaves.

Ok, gotta go….getting hungry for risotto.


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