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>Frothy Goodness paired with a Breezy Day

>Sometimes you just have to write about things you enjoy, things you love. Today’s entry is one of those times. Coffee is a connector, a mediator, a meeting maker. It’s become a daily indulgence for lots of us and life long passion for many. I’m sitting outside on this beautiful, ‘after the storm’ summer day, at a place that I would love to call my own, Ellwood’s Coffee. How many of you have thought about how great it would be to own and operate a coffee/wine bar/social gathering spot/community based business? I have. Many, many times…starting in college when I lived in a sleepy little Virginia town that tried to balance community and an ever-growing college population. Ellwood’s has done it right, from the organic coffee right down to the energy efficient bathrooms.

And let me tell you, this latte I’m working on (my second) couldn’t be better. Thank you, Ellwood’s…Bellissimo!


One thought on “>Frothy Goodness paired with a Breezy Day

  1. >I think at some point almost everyone has the maybe I should open a (insert your “community based business” of choice. This thought is usually preceded by the “Maybe I should go to Grad Scholl” thought and followed by the “I should really write a book/play/screenplay” thought. For my money, very little beats a good up of coffee. My preference is for an Americano. However, a good percolated coffee isn’t bad either. Which brings me to my question, why don’t coffee shops offer percolated coffee? The brewed coffee is typically from a drip coffee maker, which is just about the worst way to make coffee.

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