>Cuisinart’s Recipe Swap – Come on East Coast, Get Involved!

>You guys have read many a post referencing Cuisinart kitchen products that I love, to say I am a fan is an understatement.  I’ve been following them on Twitter and Facebook and recently learned of their many contests for readers and food lovers like you and me. The next one up is an online take to an old-fashioned exchange and you can benefit as soon as you submit. It’s a Recipe Swap! Here are the details:

Cuisinart is proud to host the East Coast vs. West Coast Recipe Swap on Tuesday, August 10th between 11:00am – 5:00pm EST. Simply enter a recipe into the swap and – when you do, you will be emailed a new recipe, submitted by a Cuisinart.com user. Another Cuisinart.com user will receive your recipe via email.
What is the East-West battle? One entry, from whichever coast submits more recipes, will be randomly selected to win the Countertop Elite Set.

Entering is easy…just go to Cuisinart.com and under the ‘Recipes’ tab, you’ll see ‘Special Features’ in the left nav.  Click on ‘Recipe Swap’ for details and to submit.  Let me know what you get good!


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