>Project Garden Grow- Phase I, Step 2


To say I am thrilled with this change is an understatement!  Yesterday, I transplanted my current herb garden to the area we demo’d last weekend.  It was a ridiculous amount of work from the digging, cultivating, covering, weeding, digging again and finally planting but in the end, the result looks fantastic.  It’s so late in the season, I hope these herbs I’ve moved will make it through – I’ve got two varieties of sage, thyme, oregano, two varieties of lavender, rosemary, sweet basil, Thai basil and chives.  And the best part is, these guys have room to grow.  I can’t wait for next year!

The last step to finishing this area is to fill in the empty space around the bird bath.  I’m probably going to end up with just a ground cover…I am thinking elfin thyme, it’s like a carpet of tiny flowers in the spring and the green leaves are lush and abundant.  That will have to wait for now while I figure out the best time to plant….any thoughts? I think I am also ordering this seed starting system and this guide book to help me get ready for next year.  I’m like a kid at Christmas…


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