>Neela Bags and Market Totes – Review & Giveaway!

>It seems apparent that the world is moving to all things ‘green’.  For those of you who’ve had some trouble thinking of easy ways to get with the movement, and even for those of you who are heading the movement, I’ve got a great product to share.  A year ago, my sister-in-law treated me to a birthday lunch and gave me a gift that I’ve used almost everyday since.  She presented me with this little bag, decorated in a funky, modern, giraffe print and bordered in hot pink.  Inside were 5 more neatly folded bags, the only difference being when you open the inside bags up, they unfold into extra large carrying totes!  Neela Bags have made a world of difference for me at the grocery store.  For one, I was always the person to forget my reusable totes at home, leaving them scattered all over my pantry and storage areas.  Neela Bags fold and roll back into the same condensed shape, secure with velcro, and get tucked right back into the matching bag.  The fabric is soft enough to fold easily but sturdy enough to a) hold a billion groceries and b) keep the original folding creases so that it practically folds itself when you are done.  I fold them one by one while putting away the groceries and place them back in the carrying bag.  Then the carrying bag goes on my front door handle so that I remember to take it back to the car for the next use. They look so cool, I don’t mind having them as added decoration for a night!

Neela Market Pack in Circles Kelly Green

So, in addition to the neatness factor, they are strong, strong, strong!  I can’t emphasize this enough. I’ve had a gallon of milk, a couple of bottles of wine and various other groceries all in the same bag and I have never worried about the bottom dropping out.  The straps are long enough to make it easy to carry multiple bags at a time and 5 bags, plus the little guy for smaller items, is more than plenty for one run to the store.  I use them in other capacities, too – they are great for the farmer’s market, toting anything to and from the car, lunch carriers, you name it, they work and look good working, too!

So, I wanted to share here because I have had so many people asking me about the bags and how to get them.  I also think that using reusable, recyclable bags instead of plastic or paper bags is one easy way we can all help.  And if we are gonna turn this world green, let’s work in some style while we are at it! Click here to see all that Neela has to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

But wait…there’s more! To show you just how much we love this product, we are giving away one Market Pack to a lucky reader! Sign up to become a follower of the blog by clicking on the ‘Follow with Google Friend Connect’ button and entering your information. You’ll see your online handle show up as a follower to the blog and get updates in your blog feed when a new post is available. Once you are a follower, you will be automatically entered into the drawing (current followers are also eligible). Or, become a Facebook fan by hitting the ‘like’ button on our page.  Either way you’ll be entered! Contest ends October 1st at 5 p.m. EST.

Let’s see your love for Mother Earth and all Neela Products!  And be sure to tell us what changes you are making in the kitchen to ‘go green’…


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