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It’s Bacon for Dad’s Day! brings you magical pork!

Father’s Day is coming up and boy does have some treats for Dad!  You could sign him up for their Bacon of the Month Club or maybe Dad would like a Bacon Air Freshener for the car?!

In all seriousness though, they are offering a great Father’s Day deal for the Dad (or foodie) in your life that loves pork – 50% off the Father’s Day Bundle…read below for more details:

He’s raised you, put up with you, and continues to love you unconditionally… even after all those times you tested him. (And probably still do.) But hey, you came out pretty fine, right? Of course you have. You know how awesome you are and that has a lot to do with dear old Dad. Whether or not you want to believe it! Therefore Dad deserves this delicious bacon bundle. With two packages of bacon (Hickory Smoked and Cajun Bacon) your Dad gets as many delicious, gourmet slices of bacon as he would like. And if he wants bacon on the go, he has the bacon jerky to put his carnivorous cravings at ease. Go ahead and thank Dad by giving him what he deserves: Delicious bacon in his belly.

This Bundle Includes:
Boss Hog Hickory Smoked Country Bacon
Bourbon Street Cajun Bacon
Maple Flavored Bacon Jerky
Honey BBQ Flavored Bacon Jerky

*Gift box does not come with this bundle, but you may add it to your cart at checkout for and additional $8.95.

Just click here for the special and bring Dad some major Bacon joy!


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