Gluten-free Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potato Pie

A classic recipe emerged from a trip to the local Farmer’s market. Walnut Hill Farm had a plethora of earthy, massive sweet potatoes spilling out of buckets on the table so I picked up a few to work with. I also made a stop by one of my favorite vendors, Alfredo’s Honey, and picked up… Continue reading Gluten-free Cinnamon Honey Sweet Potato Pie


>Double Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies

>On Saturday mornings, I like to sneak downstairs and turn on the Food Network to get some inspiration for the weekend. I see chefs and shows that aren’t on weeknights so it’s like a special little treat for me to kick off my weekend. This Saturday was even brighter because the theme was ‘comfort foods’-… Continue reading >Double Chocolate Gluten Free Cookies


>Deal of the Week-Sur La Table Revol Sale

> This one is going on until December 1st, which makes it the perfect Holiday planning sale reminder.  The baking and serving dishes are beautifully crafted and can be used in a variety of situations.  Be sure to check out the bakers, the lids can be turned into trivets to take straight to the table…ingenious!… Continue reading >Deal of the Week-Sur La Table Revol Sale


>The Quick Cookie with Nutella & Toffee

> Seriously, I think all family baking talents were funneled to my sister. Did I mention that my grandmother used to sell holiday fruit cake right out of her kitchen every year? She had recurring orders starting in August so they must have been delicious. We never met her but I am sure we are… Continue reading >The Quick Cookie with Nutella & Toffee

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>Who Wants a Cookie? Chocolate Melt & Toffee Bit Cookies

>My husband is a routine kinda guy and apparently his new routine involves finishing dinner and asking me when the cookies will be baked. “What cookies?” is usually how I respond, but last night I was feeling the sugar craze myself (not that his sugar cravings are any less important than mine, but I am… Continue reading >Who Wants a Cookie? Chocolate Melt & Toffee Bit Cookies


>Comforting Calzones

> Sometimes it’s just about recreating an old favorite.  When it comes to my husband’s hunger and taste buds, that couldn’t be more true.  He is a fan of all things cheesy & tomato sauce related so last night I surprised him with a make-your-own Calzone bar.  I just bought premade pizza dough, sliced and… Continue reading >Comforting Calzones


>Polenta Fries with Basil Oil and Parmesan Dipping Sauce

>The last time we were in Philly visiting friends, we made a pit stop between sports bars at a swanky little restaurant to get some tasty treats.  One of which came in the form of a french fry served with a fondue dipping sauce and a drizzle of basil oil.  It was probably one of… Continue reading >Polenta Fries with Basil Oil and Parmesan Dipping Sauce