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Kermit Eggplant in Tamari Sauce

The Kermit Eggplant is a hybrid version of the Thai eggplant and is a small, round vegetable with green, striped skin. The flesh is like that of the garden variety eggplant you are familiar with but I think a little less spongy in texture, but not in it’s ability to soak up any sauce you… Continue reading Kermit Eggplant in Tamari Sauce

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Zucchini and Mushroom Gratin

  On a lazy Sunday afternoon this dish comes together smoothly and makes the perfect vegetarian dish for brunch. It is especially great for clearing out the fridge at the end of the week, utilizing all those veggies that just never made an appearance at supper. Here’s how this dish came together… Ingredients: 3 large… Continue reading Zucchini and Mushroom Gratin

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Italian Brisket with Zucchini Stacks

A modified take on Tyler Florence’s brisket recipe and a side dish to complement any entree… Italian Style Brisket Ingredients: 4 Roma tomatoes, halved 8 springs fresh thyme 1 garlic cloves, smashed and finely minced 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt, plus more for seasoning 4 sprigs fresh rosemary, needles striped from the stem and chopped 1/4… Continue reading Italian Brisket with Zucchini Stacks

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Italian Herbed Squash Casserole

If you are like me, you grew up on a southern staple in the summer when fresh, ripe vegetables were so readily available- Squash Casserole.  I remember both my Mom and Grandmother simmering squash over the stove for what seemed like hours until it was a beautiful, smooth, yellow compound. Then the fat came to… Continue reading Italian Herbed Squash Casserole

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Pesto and Goat Cheese Spread

I started salivating earlier this week, dreaming up all of the wonderful treats I could make with a nice crusty baguette and a fresh bunch of basil that I brought home from our local Farmer’s Market. I came back to a go-to dip that hits the spot all summer long.  Rarely do I go without… Continue reading Pesto and Goat Cheese Spread


>Spaghetti Squash with Pesto

>We found this weekend that the coming of fall is palpable.  What it means for our kitchen is scooping up the last of our favorite summer treats and transitioning into a new fall lineup.  I started to think ahead to how I can preserve the flavors of summer and enjoy them for a few months… Continue reading >Spaghetti Squash with Pesto